Tenant Build Outs

The term “tenant build-out” means different things to different people. For some, it’s nothing more than adding to existing office space, while others see it as the transformation of an empty building into a store or restaurant. The team at Titus Contracting Inc has thorough experience with these types of projects, as most of our business comes from remodeling work.

The Titus Contracting Difference

We have completed many tenant build-outs at commercial, retail, healthcare and other types of properties throughout the Twin Cities region, including Saint Paul. The clients we’ve worked with appreciate our detail-oriented focus, prompt delivery and ability to work with complex installation efforts, including lighting systems, technology infrastructure and security systems.

Recent Tenant Build Outs

What Are Tenant Build Outs?

Tenant build-outs are a special kind of commercial remodeling that takes existing retail or other commercial space and has it remodeled to fit your particular operation. These projects are often done at a quicker rate to make grand opening deadlines.